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Ultrasonics Inspection

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Ultrasound non destructive testing/inspection is a technique used to detect internal flaws within components by sending short wavelength sound waves of high and low frequency through the test material. It can be used on a range of base materials, typically, steel, other metals and alloys.

Ultrasonics sound waves are typically introduced into the item under test via an ultrasonic source, coupling media and hand held probe. As the sound travels through the item, reflected echoes return from the back surface and any internal discontinuities will reflect the sound, generating a signal identified on the monitor. The thickness of a material and location/distance of any present flaws can also be determined via calculation of the echo time lags recorded.

NDT Midlands can perform in house ultrasonics on smaller components or on site utilising the very latest portable, fully calibrated, flaw detectors – our highly skilled technicians manually scan the components using high frequency sound waves.

Ultrasonics testing can be utilised to detect a range of flaws and defects including cracks, porosity, laminations, inclusions etc. Weld integrity can also be inspected and determined using ultrasonic testing techniques.

Ultrasonic testing provides a high degree of accuracy when determining the size and shape of discontinuities and flaws; with the ability to locate sub-surface defects and better depth penetration when compared to other NDT methods.