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Record and share the internal structure of your components

Our radiography lab helps you to screen, detect, and analyse the internal structure of your parts

Radiographic testing is a widely used technique for volumetric non-destructive testing. It is often used to reveal mainly internal, sub-surface irregularities. It is used in a wealth of industry sectors including power generation, aerospace, construction, petrochemical and automotive.

Radiographic testing is commonly used on parts which have been welded, cast or forged, on composites, PCB prototypes and miscellaneous components needed to be analysed for reverse engineering purposes. The benefit of using radiography is that it requires minimal surface preparation and provides a permanent record of testing.

NDT Midlands offers laboratory radiographic testing by highly experienced and trained radiographic staff qualified to Level 2 or 3 PCN, ASNT, SNT-TC-1A and NAS410/EN4179.

All examinations are carried out in accordance with approved techniques. Consumables and hardware are continuously checked to conform to stringent industry requirements. Laboratory examinations are carried out within a purpose-built exposure room complete with an adjacent viewing room. The exposure room complies with all recognised radiation health & safety standards. Resulting radiographs are then evaluated and reported on by a fully qualified and experienced radiologist.