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MPI Magnetic Particle Inspection

We believe that testing is only one part of what we do

Our objective is to give our customers a high value service, at the right time, every time

At NDT Midlands, we have the capabilities to turn round work quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards.

Our two static benches (with ‘swinging field orientation’ and purpose built ‘busbar’) enable us to test components up to 12 feet in length.

We can handle large batch quantities of bar stock (racking to house 200 tonnes), forgings and finished components.

We have an adaptable and experienced work force, who fully comprehend customers’ requirements relating to short lead times that are industry led. Utilising efficient teamwork practices and adaptable shift patterns we can quickly process individual projects to meet all possible deadlines.

Inspections can be carried out in-house or on-site with the aid of portable electro magnets typically on weld fabrications.

MPI is one of the most reliable, cost effective and efficient methods for detecting surface or near surface defects on a variety of ferromagnetic components.

The advantage of our ‘Busbar System’ allows for the Magnetic Particle Inspection of large batch quantities of bar stock quickly and cost effectively. We determine the defect depths of all ‘out of spec’, defective/reject bars which are quarantined, clearly identified and segregated from good (acceptable) bars.