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Bar Testing

We believe that testing is only one part of what we do

Our objective is to give our customers a high value service, at the right time, every time

Because of increased quality demands within both the bar and tube making processes, there is demand for high speed, reliable testing of these products. The typical end-user of bar stock or tubing should demand products free of harmful defects so as to maximize their productivity and minimize liability.

Common defects in stainless steel products include cracks, laps, tears, internal and external pin holes etc; all depending on the manufactured product and grade of the material.

Magnetic particle inspection busbar system

NDT Midlands operates a unique magnetic particle inspection busbar system. This purpose built facility allows us to inspect multiple tonnes of bar in lenghts of up to 10ft. Depending upon the size of bar, NDT Midlands can test multiples at a time which allows for quick turnaround while maintaining highly sensitive and quality conscious results.

NDT offers Defect Depth Tolerance Analysis to determine acceptable or reject to customer’s specific requirements.

When customers’ requirements ask for surface and internal inspection ultrasonics is undertaken following magnetic particle inspection.

Proving Product Quality

Various European standards such EN-10222·3 Ni Steel Forgings, EN-10269 Steels and Nl Alloys, EN-10272 Stainless Steel Bars for Pressure Applications cover various stainless tube and bar products in a broad sense. Even though there is not any specific NDT requirement contained within these standards to test bar product, generally when high quality is required, it is tested to EN· I 0308 Ultrasonic testing of Steel Bars or other.

There are also well established testing methods for proving product quality and these are reflected in ASTM Volume 01.01 and ASTM Volume 03.03 which is generally applied to steel tubes. Numerous EN (European) standards such as the EN·1 0246 series also describe the various test methods for the inspection of steel tubes.